The above picture was taken in my room the other night. It is a picture of my very nice computer I got for Christmas, running a music notation program called Sibelius. Most of my time, I just sit and write music on my computer or on my piano, by means of improvising. Essentially, music and computers are the only things I know how to use; and I plan to make them a permanent part of the rest of my life. Whether it be composing, editing, recording, or whatever, a job incorporating both fields is my ultimate goal. I have even told my mom, “If I ever have to have a boring office job like you, where you come home every day complaining about how much you hate your job, life just would not be worth it.” Of course, she did not take my seriously; but I am very serious. Writing music like I was the other night is amazing to me and it WILL be my life.


1. I’ve played piano for 10 years

2. I’m colorblind

3. I write music, primarily for piano

4. I waste most of my life on video games; specificly Minecraft

5. Despite my writing usually being classical, modern “metalcore” and certain “dubstep” songs are what I┬álisten to

6. I am very uninterested in sports; they are boring

7. I know how to navigate computers a little too well

8. I don’t watch TV (besides Family Guy before bed)

9. I plan to major in Music Compostion in college, and minor in I.T.

10. I’m starting off college at BCC

11. My favorite band is Attack Attack

12. I’ve also played bass for about 3 years

13. I’m currently wearing black

14. I wrote and mixed a piece last night

15. I am 18

16. My birthday is September 28th

17. I work at TJ Maxx

18. I hate my job

19. If I ever have an office job, I will refuse to take that job

20. I’m doing this as a part of a class assingment

21. I just got minecraft to work on the school computers

22. I know about 48 digits of PI

23. 8 is my favorite number

24. I am one of the top-students to my piano instructor

25. I’m teaching myself C++ programming

26. My favorite food is spaghetti and meat sauce

27. I always eat huge lunches at school

28. My favorite movie is 28 Days Later

29. For the first time ever, I have A’s in all my academic and other classes (besides gym)

30. I have a dog named Lacey, she is 4

31. I used to work at 6 Flags, the worst job ever

32. I am Atheist

33. I am currentl hungry

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